Another car body repair landing page I built with Blocs and other plugins

Link to the page

How did you get the navigation menu items to gracefully “float” into view?

JDW, I didn’t quite understand what you mean.


on appearance menu, on toggle click on desktop icon, then on style choose sidebar menu.



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Pauland, I see that you are the only one here who gives a detailed analysis of the website from the point of view of usability and design. What can you say about my project: http://кузовной-ремонт

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Hi, there are plenty of people who give great feedback here and far cleverer people than me.

I did make a big long response, but my main thought is that there’s too much going on on one page - the user gets ‘lost’ in it all.

I’d suggest simplifying the main page to say what you do and act as an intro and other pages can show in more depth how you approach each aspect of the business. You already do this a bit.

For example, the second blocs shows how to load images for a quote, but that’s way too soon. That should be in some section (on another page) under “get a quote” or something. Similarly, the pricing diagram and testimonials can move.

I don’t like the before and after carousels. Just use four pictures showing two before and after scenarios, then a link to see more.

The contact/quote/map things should be on one page and off the front page. Add a narrow panel saying something like “Quality car body repairs in the XXX area” on the front page, so people know where you are.

You can amalgamate some blocs into one using two panels ( free lights + benefits of using you ). Hero bloc is really dark on my machine - can hardly see the image.

I’ll stop there.

My message - simplify the first page, have a clearer message - too cluttered right now, I felt lost. Reduce the gizmos.

I’m not sure how helpful that is. It’s just my opinion.

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Your sites always look image and colour rich. I haven’t got a clue what they say, but the detail in a one page site is impressive.
The slideshows are slick, how are they produced?
The only error I found is on an iPad, the map is too big, so once it takes up the entire screen I couldn’t scroll the page, only hit the return to top arrow.
I added a couture border and selected the map background colour so it hardly notices.
Also, how did you produce the car with selective areas?

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If you use the Chrome browser, it will translate into English.

Basically, the site is about getting your car accident damage repaired.

Hi Paul.
I got the gist! Cars 'n thing.
Didn’t think about Chrome though, thanks.
Still interested in the hot spots on the car image; I’ve got an idea in my head for my site now.
Always room for improvement eh?

Pauland, thanks for your thoughts on my project.

Apswoodwork, as you can see, my webpage has been created basicly with Blocs and supplemented with various separate scripts and plugins such as 3d slideshow, flashing hot spots on the car image, etc.
Both these features provides “Master Slider jQuery Plugin”.

Hi bloc-user
here a noob question :slight_smile:
i’d like to know if the transparency of your sidebar menu i made within Blocs or you used somethin else to have that
i’m asking this because i can’t get it to work even using classes in blocs…
maybe i’m just doing it wrong?
any hint would be very appreciated

very nice doing, i like the way you made it

I’ve borrowed this effect from Apswoodwork website: I’ve just copied css style of his webpage’s side bar menu by my hand using css editor, not using Blocs. Maybe Apswoodwork will explain us how did he make this feature using Blocs? :slight_smile:

Thank You for your quick replay

Just a bit confused by your answer :smiley: , since you already did it,

Anyway as you suggested, was easy enough to edit the style.css and replacing the default values with my preferred.
now its perfect!!! Just as i wanted to. :coffee:

I’ve found this but I don’t understand how or where to add the code elements.
Help would be great as I like the idea but lack the ability!
Thanks :pray: