Another compliment ;-)


I had to open an old file I created in Blocks 2and make some changes, and it’s then that I really noticed how big an improvement Blocs 3 is in terms of interface, workflow and ease of use. Wow.

Kudos on the Team at Blocs!


I know exactly what you mean. V3 is such a step forward but you only truly notice when you have to step back into Blocs v2.


I agree with @gary
I am constantly working on both Blocs 2 and Blocs 3 because I rebuild the Blocs Templates, and every time I am looking at Blocs 2, I start to miss Blocs 3. My dream is to recreate all Blocs 2 projects in Blocs 3, and never come back to it unless somebody needs help with Blocs 2 and I just need to open it to check something.

Well done @Norm! Can’t wait for Blocs 3 get as stable and solid as possible!