Another Muse to Blocs question

Hi All – I’m just another broken hearted ‘Muser’ here looking to make a change. I’m not a designer, I just love to build my own personal site, which I’ve done with Muse…actually started back with GoLive before then.

Question: Muse has some fancy widgets, like the accordion and composition widgets, that uses triggers and containers to put a lot of content is a small visual area. My site uses several, and I’m wondering if Blocs can do something similar or the same. I also use QooQue Blog widget, which allows for in-site blogging.

If you have moment, please visit: and see what I mean.
Thanks in advance.

Btw, on first exploring, I’m actually excited about what I see in Blocs, beautiful U.I. and seems to have quite a bit right out of the box. :slight_smile:

This is very much doable! Using Visibility option vi Blocs :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I will see if there is a video to learn about that. :slight_smile:

Hwllo! Yes, I’m another ex-Muser, and was pleased to read DenielF’s question and the reply. At first glance, I think Blocs will be the next port of call for many of us Adobe ex pats. I have been reading up on Blocs and I’m sure I will be starting with it. My wife is a blind lady and I am pleased that Blocs has made provision for “alt-text” which is vital for all screen reader users. I am looking forward to diving in! As this is my first post, I hope I have obeyed all the rules - I must say I enjoyed the sign-up sequence with the little “bot” and to get a certifate at the end of it Lol

Hello @yoshi2,
Welcome to this community of Blocs.
I’m sure you’ll feel at home.
Best regards