Another newbie question

I’m working through a video tutorial at the moment and when its says to click on the cross in the middle of a container I’m only getting the “blocs structure” selection, and can’t find the “brics” unless I go to the right hand upper corner and then I can’t seem to place it within the container. I’ve attached 3 screenshots to show you what I’m trying to say. Can somebody please tell me where I’m going wrong please?

thanking you for your patience.

Hi @Mitaka,

Try selecting any element, for example a button or text bric. You will then see two small plus buttons above and below this element.


Hi @Mitaka, as @Eldar pointed out. Your adding a bloc so you can not see any brics.

Brics go in Blocs. When I first started using Blocs it confused me too :laughing:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you both. Early morning here in Tokyo. Well after a good nights sleep when I left click on my mouse up comes the brics selection from within a bloc column so it seems to be working just fine now. Must be getting old. lol.
Thank you once again for your patience.