Another Website Redesign with Blocs

My employer assigned me to do some work with a small Self-storage company’s website. They wanted a single landing page that would link to their new CRM system.
I thought their original design looked perfectly fine but I decided to try ‘fine-tuning’ some of the rough edges.

Original Site:

My rework of it:

Of course, I used some Brics and Extensions from fellow Blocs Developers.
Let me know your suggestions and critiques


Awesome, firstly thanks for sharing, and asking for peoples feedback, it’s always tricky when someone asks you to redo a website, I would encourage you not to feel locked into the original, unless that was the brief you were given (the colour palette seems a little gloomy to me).

My preference (everyone is different) is I would put the company details just before the map and focus on the Storage solutions at the top.

I realise you are still working on it, here are a couple of things I found (and you probably already know about them… )

There seems to be some errors when you scroll to the very bottom of the page.

The Logo text goes the same colour as the background on hover

I would do some call to action buttons on the slider, the slider goes to quick to read all the text then I have to find it on the page. (this could be a limitation on the bric your using?)

Your bloc heading are a variation of H2 & H3. Most are H2, but Storage size and Company are H3. You might want to make them consistent.

I would also update/streamline some of the copy… eg " 20 years of experience" is closer to 27 years now.

Are you going to keep the original logo?

By the way pretty impressive that you guys can store the Titanic. :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Much better! :+1:

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looking good!

only one remark. the " Flexible Storage Solutions!" bloc has a inner scroll page which causes you to be unable to scroll down further

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I’m not seeing on my end yet. What browser and resolution are you using?

Thanks so much for the Feedback. I really do want to play with the color palette if it doesn’t cause any issues with their marketing design.

I’m not sure where that company detail bloc should go but I’ll make sure to ask my boss and the clients

Those errors are appearing on my portfolio site leading me to believe that there is something going on with my SSL certificate. Do you by chance have an adblocker enabled?

The other adjustments you pointed out have been made and I’ve just made their new logo.

Thanks :grinning:

Nope. Just the vanilla safari browser.

Looking good. The logo makes a big difference to the feel. The contact button gets cut off on an iPad though.