Any luck with blogger feeds?

Hi everyone, has anyone had any luck with blogger feeds?
One of the solutions on here brought the feed in, but it was a full desktop page in an I frame (I think), and when it was reduced to less than desktop size there was biiiiig lettering and sideways scroll bars.
Ideally, what I will be trying to achieve is what you can see on:
With 3 or so synopsis of the latest blogs.
Thanks in advance everyone, stay well.
No word back from me until Monday now, DIY and beer calling.

Hi everyone, hope you had a great self-isolating weekend!
Just wondering, did anyone have any luck with a responsive Blogger feed?


I’ll assume this is a ‘no’ for the blog synopsis then? Just whole pages can be imported through Blocs, in Muse I was able to import just the first couple of paragraphs.

Hi there,

Just saw your post on blogger.

I can’t help im afraid !! but im interested to know what you did and if you have any examples of sites/pages where you have done blogs?

I am looking at doing a blog page on my own website for my business to help get it going again later this year once some form of normality is back !.

Hi @AdieJAM, I haven’t had a great deal of success with Blogger and Blocs, but it’s strange!
If you look at:
on certain browsers/phone/iPad setups it appears as it used to when putting a site together in Muse - 3, 4, 5, 6 or however first paragraph previews. In other setups, it will just show the latest, single blog post, so I’m reckoning it’s a Blogger/browser issue rather than Blocs.
However, the client is happy with this scenario for now, but @InStacks next version of Volt CMS will have the option of a blog, so I’m very much looking forward to that update (any timescale Janis? :slight_smile: )

For now, on my own site, I’m doing a blog of sorts just using the built in editing ability of Volt CMS, for now, not perfect, but I can live with it until the new turbocharged Volt comes out.

Hope that’s of some help at least!


It will go into beta testing the next days with my testing group.



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Thanks @TrevReav for the information, really appreciated.

I was hoping a way of doing a Blog would have been a HUGE up-sell of Blocs and if this was incorporated.

I have not really had time to look at Volt in depth, but from what I have seen. I am trying to get my head around Blocs at the moment still !!! but will look at this when i have a call for CMS.
It would be great when this is done by @instacks and hopefully work closely with @Norm to make sure this is firing on all cylinders for when its updated and ready to go.

One thing i would love to see is a good in-depth video tutorial on this when its up and running, as one thing I have found with Blocs/Brics etc is when they are released, there is no real videos to show how they work etc…and the reviews on brics are full of questions of people asking how it works.

I am always working together with @Norm to get this working. For example you will need latest Blocs version to be able to use it.

On this page you will find a video from @Eldar for Volt CMS, a video for the blog functionality will follow when publicly available.

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Thanks @InStacks and thanks to @Eldar for assisting on Blocs tutorials again.

If you search YouTube for Blocs 3, you can‘t escape Eldars videos :wink:

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@TrevReav: you really should reduce the (file) size of your images. Those look great, but … my … 14,4 MB just to load your blog page on a mobile device is a nogo:

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yeah !! He is great and a life saver for the Blocs platform.

I am going to stick my neck out and say this (and it might upset some…and sorry if it does) But as a user of other website building platforms and now diving into Blocs, if it wasn’t for @Eldar this platform would not be anywhere as big as it is. He goes totally out of his way to find out in depth how it all works and then explains it to everyone.

I am not pointing the finger to anyone - but I do find the lack of instruction of the developers of Brics and more instruction would be really appreciated. Blocs is a great platform for simplicity and not everyone on here understands many of the ways other than drag and drop and adjust to fit and look good.
When some brics are released and even software updates to Blocs, it would be brilliant if a simple instructional video is done - not only can this help the headaches of users but will actually see the mindset of the developer. So many bric reviews have people asking how they work, how they perform things etc…

Without @Eldar going totally out of his way to create these videos most of us would be in a world of confusion on here !!! (i would anyway !)

I am LOVING blocs so far, and each day I dive in, I find something new and think…christ! wish I knew this before !! The biggest way to learn is to play around styles and ways but Eldar irons out some of the simple ways.

My biggest problem I have is with the Menu! I will post another question shortly on this!

Cheers @pumpkin, they were just uploaded from my phone, and I didn’t expect them to be that large! However, I don’t think 4.5s is too bad in the great scheme of websites. I will look at that when I get round to doing some personal stuff again.