Anyone tried the Packaging Option?

I’ve been trying to use the new packaging option for saving projects. Clearly, I’m doing something wrong or simply misunderstanding how this option works. I understand the embedded assets option, but can’t get my head around what the package option is supposed to do. When I save as a package, I get a normal Bocs project file and a number of asset folders saved to a containing folder. However, when looking at the generated folders, there are no assets saved. Furthermore, when opening the Blocs project file, all the assets are missing from the pages

Do I have to manually save the assets into the generated folder structure, or should Blocs be doing this automatically. Any advice or an explanation of how this option works would be greatly appreciated.

If you project is set to embed assets, then the packager is no use to you.

It’s a way to transport project that do not have embedded assets. I hope that makes sense of it all.


@norm That was my understanding. But when I set up the project to not embed assets, nothing seems to get exported except the Blocs project file and the empty folders. I’m clearly missing something. Maybe you could provide a point by point walk through of the steps.

It’s really pretty straightforward. The fact all of your assets are embedded in your project file means you only move 1 file to another Mac and all the assets will stay connected because they are embedded.

The package tool is useless to a project with embedded assets. Because all assets are in the blocs file.

Now if you didn’t use embedded assets in a project, the package function would round up all the assets scattered on your HD into the package location.

If you use embedded assets, you have no need for the packager. It’s only useful if you have projects that don’t contain embedded assets.

Thanks Norm for explaining this. Going forward then if I choose to start a new project and want to embed assets the only file have to move to my other computer is the saved project .bloc file?


Yes thats correct.