Apple QuickTime trick


Possibly everyone knows this already and I’ve missed it - did you know you can use QuickTime to record the activity on your screen? It may come in handy to post examples/answers here. Will


Yes I often use it for my non-web work, recording app simulators.


Some of us also use Monosnap


I haven’t heard of Monosnap before. Normally I don’t download software if the supplier is unknown to me.


Monosnap is great, and free :crazy_face:
Since the videos are hosted on their servers you only have to record and upload.
And you can use the same link in mails and other forums.

A little tip!
If you have to do some more editing, cut, add text and arrows you can do that in iMovie (or the program of choice).
Then play the finished video locally and record it again with Monosnap just for the convenience of having the video available and posting a quick link in forums.