Apple's Website in Blocs 3


Hey guys,

This week instead of creating a regular template for Blocs, I have decided to partially recreate the Apple website design with Blocs 3. Of course, not everything is possible, but I believe it’s quite nice that we are able to build Apple-like websites without knowing how to code. All thanks to @Norm and his amazing product!

Live Preview

A short video introduction

Obviously, I don’t have rights to use all content in this website, so I am not going to sell it individually on Blocs Templates, but I will share the project files for free with all Blocs Templates members and Mastering Blocs students.


Make item visible upon scroll?



Very nice example of just how powerful just using Blocs. For me it just shows if you take the time to dig in and learn what Blocs can do instead of just wanting more features you’ll find its a very capable program.

I know every designer deals with what their clients want, some need different features, for my work, Blocs fits my needs.

Thanks for sharing.


Stunning work and a very impressive demonstration what the core Blocs3 App can create.


Amazing work.


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This is brilliant!



Awesome @ Eldar,
I am pleased to see that this community continues to grow and has the help of people like you and this great application that is Blocs (thanks @Norm).

Thank you @ Eldar for your great work, collaboration and help to the community.


Very nice Eldar! I think you could recreate the intro / hero animation with a background image and a animated fading gif as the bloc bg with some styles, or maybe just a fading video. Also the appearing text, you could set a 3 seconds delay and you could achieve all the effect.
Great work showing the capabilities of the app!


Skills! :grinning:


@Eldar, very impressive work :raised_hands::+1:


Thanks guys! It was fun thing to do.

@chicuelo yes, I mention it in a video about video background. Didn’t think about GIF, which might also work. Thanks for your suggestion!

Spot on.


Looks very nice… :+1:


amazing recreation


It’s interesting to compare and note the differences. When I scroll down the official Apple Mac Mini page, the content at the bottom of my browser is already there, just dimmed, and it comes to full brightness as you scroll. In contrast, the Blocs site makes the content suddenly appear, and it appears dimmed, and then as you scroll it comes up to full brightness. It’s a subtle difference. Not sure which is more pleasing.

Anyway, the one thing I do want to see come to Blocs is a sitewide SEARCH feature! Please clone that from Apple’s website, PLEASE! Even the Blocs website on which I am currently typing this post offers an integrated search feature, albeit not as elegant as Apple’s solution. SEARCH and responsive Tables (for tabular data) are the two key features holding me back from using Blocs full time. I can’t wait to see them in Blocs! Until then, keep up the great work!


Thank you Eldar. I have watched your brilliant work.

Would you kindly provide a link to download to the project files.

Thank you.


All yours as soon as you sign in and donate.
Worth it - promised :sunglasses::+1:


Hello Rosalind,

I am only sharing the project files with Blocs Master students and Blocs Templates members to thank them for supporting my work, but I am happy to answer any of your questions about this.

By the way, I have just posted a free video tutorial on how to use a parallax effect in Blocs 3 to recreate one section of this website. You can check it below.

If you have any other questions about this project, please let me know!

I hope it’s not a sarcasm? :sweat_smile:
If you are a member of Blocs Master, Mastering Blocs 3 February update is live in your dashboard.



Hi @Eldar,
no, seriously no sarcasm, just honoring the value of all your work and help.
And after this crazy “chinese hack” conversation just mentioning that it would be just fair to donate if good quality is wanted. :rofl:
BTW @Bill ´s brics are also worth it :+1:


It seems you have sparked a tiny challenge or a bit of a debate elsewhere @eldar. :wink:


I think there are some aspects and points regarding this RW version that largely reflect positively on “Blocs 3” and what features it offers inherently in the app for users. Blocs continues to constantly get better so we will see more users from various other apps migrate or gravitate towards it. Even simply out of curiosity with interest towards learning more about what Blocs has to offer.


That’s cool! :slight_smile: I still like Blocs’s version better though! :sunglasses:
Thanks for sharing!