Apple's Website in Blocs 3


It sounds like I need to think about alternatives to GoDaddy :smiley: Although, I have never had any loading speed issues with my Blocs websites.


You were considerably faster than the RW despite being with GoDaddy!


Also if you enabled lazyload and minified it could actually be faster.

But it make make the page less smooth on first load/scroll


@Norm are there times we should use lazing loading and time when to avoid it?


Depends on the design and your personal preference. If you care solely about page load time enable it. If you care about animation smoothness of initial page load and experience maybe avoid it.

It’s optional so it’s all good.


I rarely use Lazyload in my sites, mainly because of the reason you have stated. Im my experience, smooth animations are way more important than a split second I could earn by enabling the lazy load.

Like you said, it’s option, so all is great! :slight_smile:



I really want to use lazyloading, but Google isn’t indexing any images when enabled and that hurts my search ranking. I believe there are other ways of doing it that are more Google friendly but this is something Norm would have to change.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: didn’t realise it was a competition.

hadn’t done anything with the images when that speed test was done - it should be quicker now as they have since been optimised.

anyway, it’s a great site @Eldar - nice work!!


:joy: It’s not. It’s just the comparison of same websites built using two different tools. I was a RW users myself in one point, but now I am with Blocs, because I like how it feels better!

And, to be honest, if I needed to get the best possible speed and optimization, I could have done so much more, but then it will sound like a competition! :joy::joy::joy:

Anyway, nice to see you here!


Blocs is still faster, even without trying, plus the handicap of GoDaddy for hosting!


It isn’t a competition but it’s a statement of capability that has been well viewed and there have been plenty of positive comments. It could well have descended into one big bun fight and end up with people being banned had it been posted on that other forum.

What was interesting is to see names from both forums joining up to comment and contribute on the other forums. RW4ALL has only been going a couple of months and there is often more discussion about topics not related to RapidWeaver stuff.

The good news for RW users is that they can rest assured that RW+stacks+stuff can build a web page like the Apple MacMin page, every bit as good as a Blocs one.


I’m impressed that Blocs can do this without addons and it’s really fast to work with. I wonder what the total investment in time and money is for RW users.


Even if it costs the same, being able to produce the same result out of the box is what impresses me the most! When I will get more time, I will actually try to create more difficult pages from Apple’s or other websites, because I didn’t have a goal to use all of the best features of Blocs.


That MacPro page is most impressive and quite a challenge.


Yeah, I agree! But I also hope Apple finally manages to upgrade it’s Mac Pro along with its web page in coming months!


I have a horrible suspicion that the new Mac Pro will be insanely expensive. I’m still working happily with my mid 2010 Mac Pro, which is still fast, even by today’s standards, but I suspect my next computer will be the highest spec Mac Mini when the time comes to change.


IMHO Apple have lost the plot on every product and service. Let’s hope their web pages remain outstanding.


I have to agree and I’ve not been too impressed by their quality control or customer service recently either. The idea of an iMac Pro that starts at almost £5K is just madness. A top spec iMac Pro is more than £12,500…

The new top spec Mac Mini is a little faster than my current computer, but only time will tell if it can handle the work and I doubt it will be as easy to expand. The iMac is no good for me.


Yeah, I agree with you.

I am using my still top of the line, but almost 2 years old 12-inch MacBook to do almost everything, except video editing, which I did on it before, but now switched to iPad Pro with LumaFusion.

Pricing of Apple’s products is mad these days.


I’m not able to purchase the single template :roll_eyes: