Application/software to organise digital assets? SOLVED


Would anyone have suggestions for a simple rather efficient software to organise a large library of backgrounds, patterns, textures, gifs, svgs, etc… ? What do you currently use ?

Thank you.


I don’t use it myself, but wouldn’t Apple’s own Photos app do that for you?

For photography I use Lightroom, but for web work I just keep assets stored on a project basis within Blocs. I can’t say I make huge use of patterns and textures etc.

Thanks for your reply.

I stay away from macOS Photos - indeed just like you got Lightroom instead for photography. Storing the rest in folders, with tags etc… isn’t powerful enough for a huge library of assets. Reason why I am trying to find something else…

I could create my own database but willing to pay for something already existing and thus saving me some time.


  • Pixave App
  • Eagle App
  • Etc.,

I saw an app a while back, but decided I didn’t need it. It’s cross platform and perhaps it would be what you are looking for.

Thanks will check those.


Thanks will have look.


@Flashman Mylio is more like Photos - actually Pixave and Eagle are what I have been looking for - just did not search the internet with the right words LOL