Apply active class to items in the nav list?

Demo site is here:

I’ve read this: and followed instructions. The class I’ve applied to the nav list is navlist and using the class manager I’ve created the class navlist a I’ve applied a hover colour of red and that’s working fine.

I’ve also applied the same colour to the active state, but that’s not working.

I’m not using the primary menu as the source, and there is a different menu on the homepage to the rest. The difference is that the homepage menu isn’t in a global area, but the menu of the other pages is.

Am I missing something?

I think I’ve found my answer!

If I’m reading that correctly, at present what I want (a different colour for active menu list items) isn’t possible. @norm could you confirm that?

Hello @SteveB, are you aware of the active link class, which you can set in the settings?