Appointment scheduling software

Does anyone knows an appointment scheduling software with one time licence?
I know, there are dozens of systems based on monthly fees, but I’m interested in a system which would offer a one time buy software solution. Multiple location/lists and sms notifications should be available.

Many thanks in advance!

IMHO: off topic

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Great question. Would love to hear of one too.

…that the system should be able to be incorporated into a blocs-design is, of course, self-evident.

This is a great question. Any input?

This one here looks promising:

I don’t know the answer to this specific question, but there will be all sorts of functions that designers will need to fit in with sites built using Blocs, so I don’t see this as being off topic at all. I’ve had clients ask about bookings for hotels and calculating storage space price quotes etc. We need as many options as possible.

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