Are you upgrading to V5? (Vote)

Uh oh, so no sense of humor.

You gave yourself the answer already.


The developers are sound & friendly!
This is one of the best community’s I have ever been part of.

So what I can see your asking for is you have bought Blocs 4……never used it….and want the new one that @Norm and his team have worked literally thousands of hrs you want a better price than the 45% off Black Friday price?

Im not sure that’s a fair thing to ask.

The offer has ended but the promotion was massively promoted on social media & other sources.

I would update your Blocs 4 to the latest version & get some value from that, or support a small independent company and purchase Blocs 5 and enjoy it as it’s bloody brilliant!

Good luck on what you do, and if you do start building - share your work, we’re a good bunch here.


That’s one way to look at it, I completely understand it is a small team and revenues need to be raised and no doubt there is a lot of work has gone into not just upkeep of the current product but gone into developing new features worthy of a new version. No argument here and if I was using the current product I’m sure I’d buy the next version without any hesitation.

Another way to look at what I said is that I and others who may be like me, are effectively new costumers who have paid up front but never had any benefit from the product, we have effectively funded the company without benefit of its services.

By charging a small nominal fee to those paid up non users the company might raise more funds that it never would have, and would also keep those users in the companies ecosystem should they ever decide to return to building a website.

Now I don’t know how many users like me there are, if it is in the 10’s or 100’s or 1000’s to make it a proposal worth while considering or if it’s even technically possible to confirm, I was merely providing some food for thought that might not have been considered before, not in the spirit of just trying to get some freebie but as something constructive because I remembered the good interactions I had on this forum before talking to the devs and I thought that it was worthwhile throwing the idea out there.

It’s also not the developers fault you haven’t made full use of Blocs 4.
Open up that route and it’s ripe for any misuse.


Blocs 4 still works, as I understand it.


Well, that’s hardly the company’s fault, rather your own. Following your argumentation, every software company should reward you for not using their software by giving a generous amount of discount for their next upgrade, because you purchased their product and never used it? Are you serious? If I’d be a developer, I’d feel insulted by such an attitude.

Not meaning to be rude, I’m simply expressing my honest opinion.


I thought the discounts for v5 were super generous!! Love the updates. I am still getting used to it since owning v4 and not a mega website developer, but it’s way more fun than all the work I had to put in using DW, lol. Big thanks to Norm, Blocs, and this awesome and helpful community. Couldn’t ask for more. And how could I think otherwise? Cheers, all.


I find your suggestion absolutely baffling.

I bought Blocs 3, and an upgrade to Blocs 4. Haven’t got around to building a site with either yet. However, that’s my choice and I don’t see why I should get a special “no use” discount for Blocs 5.


The lesson here is to not buy software that you don’t use. I have certainly done it, probably many others have, but we don’t expect the vendor to take account of our stupidity.

I find your position baffling. The developers of blocsapp owe you nothing.


I don’t why you think I’m blaming the company for something to in order to make my lack of use of the product “their fault”.
Like others commenting above you are using your imaginations to interpret what I said while ignoring what I actually said, if you were’t trying to be intentionally rude or divisive I’d have expected any comment in reply to have dealt with my suggestion regarding the devs generating new revenue streams or my acknowledging of the hard work the devs do, etc… instead all I see is a village mob out to score lazy brownie points.

Never said you’re blaming the company.

I guess that’s just human?

And what is it, that you actually said? Getting quite the amount of responses like mine… we can’t all have been that far off with our interpretation.

I weren’t, as stated at the end of my post.

Sadly I didn’t get the emails :joy::man_shrugging:t3: Although it seems I am in the system. Didn’t appear in spam either. Just my luck. :man_facepalming:t3: