Arrow at bottom of Hero Bloc?

Hello … I love the little arrow at the bottom of the Hero Blocs (see attached photo), but if I wanted to add that manually to a custom made Hero Photo, how would I do that?

Thanks in advance!

You could use Photoshop or another similar image editing program, but of course then you couldn’t apply any behaviors to that element. I’ll be interested to see if any Blocs users know of a way to add the actual icon. Good Luck, Randy


You can add it to any blocs. Just set the padding of the bloc to ‘FullScreen’, then check the ‘Bottom Row’ checkbox to activate the empty placeholder on this bloc. Then, just place the icon there, align it to the center, and add an interaction ‘Scroll to target’, and set it to any bloc you want to scroll it to.


If you can’t figure out what I mean, let me know, and I will record the video for you.



Let’s see a video Eldar. Always easy to understand.
Is the instructions in your current set of videos…either paid or free?
Also…Do you have any idea why the official Blocs App website reloads twice and “flashes” on Safari and iPad…Other Bootstrap created websites don’t do this…(yeah yeah I know…:)) What do I like about Blocs?
Lots…but I thought I’d point it out if it hasn’t already been. It just this doesn’t look very good for a professional app. I know my clients would question it.

Eldar … that worked perfectly! I didn’t even realize there were icons we could choose from … Under FontAwesome, I found the exact arrow … thanks!!

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