Arrow Colour for Gallery

The colour of the arrows in a Gallery or Carousel are White. I wondered if it was possible to add an option to add Black arrows in, as on a white background, the white arrows are completely invisible, so the user is not likely to scroll through the images. See picture below:



I’d like to know the answer to this as well. I ended up placing the images on a black background with enough space for the arrows, so they show up properly. Ideally I’d like to set the distance on the arrows as well.

I figured just changing the arrow colour would be easier for @Norm

I would do the black background. But I have about 900 images to do lol.

It’s definitely an option we need. If you have something like Photoshop you could set it up as an automated action, so that all your images are added on a black background of a fixed size and saved as Jpegs. We really need the flexibility to change this though, because it more or less obliged me to have a black background website just to show those white arrows.


Does this link help?

Good find. I tried it and just like the last person in the other thread it made no difference. Clearly it should work.

Apologies, I didn’t check the thread for a successful conclusion.

Subclasses will do that job (it might be that you have to do it with a former version of blocs, 2.4.5 has som issues with th scroll to top button and it might be the same with the arrows - haven´t checked that - 2.3 deffinetly works).

I’m working with the latest beta of 2.5 and I found the subclass, which I was able to edit, but then nothing happens.

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I had the same with scrollToTop so your experiance shows it also effects the lightbox and Caroussel.

I went back to 2.3.2, edited the arrows and than opend with 2.4.5 - that did work on my side.

2.5 I havn´t downlowded yet as it is still in beta and following the forum it is to bumpy for me right now - although offering great features.
This arrow and my scrolltotop issue was promised to be fixed but obviously it is not so another reason to work with former versions - pitty but is is how it is.

I’ll check this out, the subclasses should work. Make sure to set the text color as they are chevron arrows are icon fonts.

Yes I tried setting it as a text colour but nothing happened. This was using b7 with 10.13.3.

Changing arrow colour in lightbox works fine here.
Blocs 2.5b7 MacOS 10.13.3.

Hey Bootsie, would you mind to check Carousel (and indicators) and Scroltotop as well in your project.
I havn´t installed 2.5 betas.


I will this afternoon.
Busy right now.

No hussle, take your time and thanks for your effort.
Might help to install 2.5 final next week :+1:

Works also fine with Carousels.
Create a subclass “Carousel Navigation Arrows”. It will show up in the class manager as “carousel-control”.
Make your changes like color, size etc.
It color won’t show up in layout mode, only in preview.

Super, Thanks so much for your effort Bootsie!
The preview thing should be fixed - but I guess it´s on Norms list.
Looking forward to the final release next week and will give it a try.

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I just tried it again and this time flipped to preview in 2.5b7. That subclass completely destroys the formatting when applied to the carousel without changing the arrow colour.

Dont apply the subclass to the carousel via the class input fields (sidebar), the class is already applied to the chevrons (which you cant select) you are just creating a copy and tweaking the styling.

I checked and it doesn’t show the style in app, I’ll fix that but will show fine on exports.

carousel Arrows.bloc (729.5 KB)

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