Asset manager and Mouser Over in the Interactions



Thank you Norm for the NEW Asset manager, really nice to be able to Grouping the images.

“One More Thing”

I would like to have under ( INTERACTIONS ) The Old Fashion ( MOUSE OVER ) we have Scroll, navigate, Toggle but NOT Mouse Over, When you are building a clean web-page with nice images you don’t want to Clutter it with to much Text, then its nice to use Mouse Over an image, and then show the text for that image, Like Price , Colour alt. ( Shop Me ) or what so ever.

For me Mouse Over a Basic Thing from 1993 when I started to build web-pages.

Keep Up the good work…




You can add mouse over effects with classes. Use buttons with background images and show/hide button text based on state.


Ok… very Nice…

I didn´t know that… Newbie in Blocs You know…

Keep up the good work…


Mouse Over, that did not solve the problem, the text is still there.

The place for that function should be under INTERACTIONS, better function and much easier to use, spending hours of how to figure out hidden functions, is not my style, i want to go forward not backward. There should also be more alternativs in the menu instead of writing hundreds of Classes thats painful, it takes to much Time and then you shall remember all of them, even if you have named and categorised them.


Here is a basic example, take a look at the test class that is applied to the button in the right side.

The font size is set to 0 on its normal state and 12 on its hover state. All you need to do is apply a background image to the button via the test class and its an image with text that appears when hovered and can be clicked too.

button-hover-text.bloc (196.5 KB)

If you are writing hundreds of classes then you are not using them efficiently. Remember the same class can be applied to multiple items to apply the same style to multiple items, classes can also be combined with other classes.


Hi Norm,

I’m actually trying to find a way to have an action with mouse over a menu.
I don’t think I can apply your solution to my case as I want to have a horizontal submenu appearing under while I mouse over.
The thing is that I want it to disappear to when the mouse is not over otherwise it would be the mess (and ugly) if several submenu appears on the screen.
So, for the moment I’m stuck at this level:
TEST HIDDEN MENU.bloc (206.7 KB)