Asset Manager Feature Request

I would love to see a feature in Blocs that is user-selectable whereby the images of a project are compressed into the .bloc file so if I drag it to a usb stick for use on another machine or simply for archiving purposes I don’t have to worry about missing images weeks or months later.


It’s one of the problems I have with Blocs and I hope (soon) can integrate this function.

I agree. It’s a lot more work to manually track all the images and logos you import. I already imported images outside my asset folder, by just wanting to do a quick test, then it worked fine so I forgot about it. A copy to an asset folder on import.

Bump! Can this be added? Really annoying having to keep track of all the images across machines.

That’s why there is an option to host/store the image assets on the server.


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Storing assets in different places is a potential source of issues when the remote location change, changes drive name, is being backed up by another system, OSX asked for security permissions to access, etc…

Far better to store, as casey mentioned, to save on the server. If you have enough local room, a good way to do this is to store the assets in your local published export location and then sync with your server, yet use the assets directly from the server. That way you have a local backup of the assets folder and also the directory structure location. If you don’t have a enough local room, then just export to a remote drive and FTP to the server from there.

Also a good idea to record the assets folder location using the Blocs Notes which AFAIK, are attached to the Blocs project file.

@webdeersign I personally have had the issue of losing Folders/Files location, so I may consider putting all my Image/Video Assets on my server. It’s just going to take a lot of work. Maybe I’ll start with my current projects. :slight_smile:
I do however, like to idea of making Notes in Blocs, similar to PowerPoint. Does Blocs have this built -in feature?
For us baby boomers: AFAIK = “As far as I know.”

Notes is just a simple to access text area that I find useful to store general notes, reminders, FTP details, passwords etc, server information, etc…

AFAIK AFAIK does indeed mean AFAIK, LOLROTF.

I was hoping that feature would be in Blocs. :grinning:

Sorry, I should have pointed out that it is in Blocs. There is a Notes function in the bottom right hand corner of Blocs.

Sweet I will check it out! :smile: