Asset manager not showing thumbnails

I am on an 5K imac. Blocs version 3.2.0 and when opening the asset manager to place image it does not show image but only title of image. When selecting then empty thumbnail for placing it in my bloc (column img) it does not show up either (comes up blank). But when i preview site it show image on preview sitepage. I tried several different images. What is going on?

Hi bezoetdebie!

I also had kind of similar issues with blocs 3.2.0. Sometimes I had things happening like that as well (dragging a new picture on an empty frame and it did not refresh and show another picture from before even though you could test the new one in the browser/deleting layers in the layer manager and they where still shown as if they’re there, but they were actually gone/ etc. …). Seems that it is sometimes not refreshing so far or just leaves graphical fragments of stuff which has been there before. I’m using a mid 2014, 15" Mac Book Pro (Retina display/OSX Mojave 10.14.3) and I had also scaling/zooming issues. On an external monitor (Eizo full HD) it was different behaving as on the Mac Book display. Blocs is still growing and I’m glad, that there is so much interest to improve it more and more. I hope in the future such stuff is not bothering anymore, but for now I sometimes have to save and then restart blocs 3, so that it’s working proper again…

Thanks baldrijan for the info