Asset Manager

Macintosh, iMac 5K, macOS High Sierra 10.13.3
Opening Asset Manager, then Project Asset, adding one Picture (.jpg or png) I see the picture; addind a second pict or more… bam no more pictures even if refreshing assets

This is a huge bug for me

A friend of mine with the same configuration doesn’t have this bug and everithing is good

have you tried the latest beta version (7), a bug like this was fixed.

Great but where may I download the Beta version please ?

OK I did download the Beta Release and I still have the same issue

I’d like to put a screen copy but don’t know how to do it

cmd + shift + 4 and than select while holding left mouse tab

OK I did download the Beta Release and I still have the same issue

By the way my trial time is only 3 days instead of 5

Perhaps too short to check well

Are your images stored on an external drive or secondary drive?

Yes, they are

That may be the issue, how are you adding them? dragging them in? clicking the plus button on the asset manager window?..

Hitting the + button

I’m transferring the folder My Site into my main disk and come back to you

Tadaaam it works now with the folder on the same disk as the app
not very usefull if the site is big, but it works for me now
so : quite happy … until now
Thank a lot

It’s a bug I’ll see if I can replicate and fix it for the next build

i have this issue when project (bloc file) is on my cloud drive. Only if i open bloc file on my local drive, i see assets on asset manager and project (in blocs/rows)

iCloud Drive?

no, WD Cloud on WD MY CLOUD Hardware

ok this may be the issue, are the file paths static?

I’m affraid its dynamic :slight_smile: but another softwares works good