Assets Again with external host images! (Bug?)

Hello, smth really weird with asset manager. I try to add external host images that all grouped by category (/pic/main , /pic/slider/ … etc.) After placed that “cloud” files to placeholder they are all change preview from “cloud icon” to without it. After save my project and export it to hdd all images which was placed are dissapearing from file project.
I use 2.5 version on 10.13.2 with apfs. When I worked with hdd images everything work as expected. Also I work with project that run through oldest blocs versions (2.0 than 2.2 than 2.4 and 2.5 now).

This behavior look like alpha versions of app ((

So, what I do:

  1. I have My_Site.bloc project which was create with early versions of Blocs. There are more than 10 pages in this project.

  2. I have an “image” folder on an host. There are all pictures are sorted on the host. /image/main, /image/presentations/ etc.

  3. I make the same group folder in the Asset Manager (“Main”, “Presentations”, etc)

  4. I press “Add hosted assets”.
    Some of them are .png, some are full hd .jpg (above 1Mb if it’s important)

  5. There are all external assets placed in placeholders on different pages of my projects. At this moment look everything good.

  6. I press “save” project

  7. I make “export…” project to my ssd (apfs)
    Some of images are gone from Blocs app. A lot of placeholders are empty (not all). Exported .html files doesn’t contain all placed external images

sorry for bad english

Are you exporting over the top of an already existing export directory?

No. It doesn’t affect any kind of directory. I try to export in different folders (like “desktop” or “downloads” mac folders)

And the images are hosted on a server or external HD?

There are all images are hosted on a server. Absolutely all images that grouped by folders.

Oh really? interesting? Could you send me a copy of the project so I can see what’s up, you can privately DM me it via the forum.

It’s weird but I resolve this “bug” with “Save As…” menu. It seem that my project was drag some “data” from old blocs app versions. So, everytime after a lot of modifications I press “save as…” instead just “save” and everything work good

Man… I really can’t work with your program… hrrr… After few days everything come back!

The App a lose some external links to host images from asset manager. There are a lot of links became a local links to OS folders. This happens after some sort of “changes-save-export” operations. I can’t send you my .project file because of privacy.

May be your app is need to force repair project operation. I don’t know.

I just fixed a little issue today regarding hosted Assets. Hopefully it will fix your problems when it’s released later this week.