Assets don't export & galleries don't work


I’ve repeatedly encountered the following problem:
When working on a page with photos on it, it works perfectly in preview mode and also in preview in Browser. It works in Safari, Opera and Chrome.
Then I export the site, I upload it to the server, and some pictures are missing, and the galleries don’t enlarge the picture and then of course also don’t show the caption to inform about who made the photos. Same behaviour in Safari, Opera and Chrome.

This happened after I decided to rebuild the page after struggling with assets vanishing from the asset manager in the sense that the asset still seemed to be there, but the miniatures didn’t show anything but a placeholder image in the asset manager.

Grateful for any ideas - with my best regards KG

Where are you storing the assets on the computer? I am wondering if this is over a network or saved on Dropbox etc that might be causing problems. Have you tried remote hosting the images, rather than adding locally? That way they would be stored on the server automatically.

If it’s not something like this I would start looking at areas like your FTP client or script blockers in the browser. Have you checked inside the image folder on the server to see if the image files are present?

Hello and thank you for your quick reply.

My assets are stored in the same folder as the .blocs - file.
When looking into the files that are on the server, I realised now, that the © sign, which is part of some file names, cannot be spelled on the server and is replaced by a small “?” sign.
I guess a first step for a solution is to get the naming in line with what the server can handle.
Let me check this, and I’ll report on how the behaviour of the assets will or will not have changed.
Thanks for the idea of looking on the server side, that might be the solution.

Hello again,
In the meantime I corrected the spelling of my image files and eliminated all ö’s and ä’s and other special signs, like ©. Now, all pictures appear as they should. Great!

BUT: I use a couple of galleries on my site, and none of them work as they should.
I use “Gallery Square Images” and “Carousel” -
all pictures ARE on the server and showing on the webpage, but none of them enlarges as they once did.
The carousel shows only the first of 7 pictures it contains. (pictures ARE on the server, no funny spellings.)

I’d be grateful for any ideas what may cause this malfunctioning of the galleries.
Thank you in advance,
best wishes

Check the link settings for the gallery square images inside Blocs. You can use the same or alternative images and that may be your issue.

Thank you for your reply.

Checked all the galleries.
Interactions are:
Type: Lightbox
Lightbox: Current image
Frame: Snapshot

The galleries work perfectly in preview mode and also in preview in browser. Something’s happening during upload on the server. Galleries used to work with the ftp (Transmit) that I use.
Thanks very much in advance for any idea about what I could try to solve this.
best regards.

That sounds reasonably correct. I’m happy to take a look if you want to let me have the url. This might be down to something external not related to Blocs. You can send a PM if you don’t want to put on the forum.