Assets in folders


First of all, love the new update!

I have been longing for the folders in the asset manager and now I am going to organize all of our assets. The problem I have run into is that you cannot (?) move an asset that already is in the project to a folder? At least I coulden’t find a way. So I started organizing all assets on disk and then would import them again into the project.

When I start the application I only see four assets in the asset manager, those that still are in the root folder on my disk. So I created a folder in the asset manager and selected “Add local asset” and select all assets I want to import. But I get an error message that says something like “You already have an asset with this name in the project. Please rename the asset and try again”. The problem is that I can’t see the old assets in Blocs anymore so I cannot remove them from the asset manager, and if i rename them in the finder it will be hard to replace them in the project…

Anyone got any tips? Sorry for the long post and maybe bazzling text :smirk:

Groups in Blocs project are not like directories on your Macs HD, they wont organise them outside of the app.

Grouping in Blocs just keeps references to assets so you can filter them, the major benefit of this is the fact you can have the same asset in 2 separate groups without needed to keep 2 separate versions, like you would if you were organising them in finder.

Groups in Blocs works more like tags in Mac OS finder.

As for your missing assets issue. If you move your assets around in finder the links in Blocs will break because Blocs goes looking in the old place and doesn’t know about the new place, this is when you will be greeted with the missing asset connection window.

Id recommend reading up on Asset Manager.


Thanks for the quick reply. I know the asset manager doesn’t work like the finder. But I thought I would make it easy for us to have the same organization in finder as in blocs since we have a lot of assets. But I guess I was wrong there.

The problem was not that I got a missing assset message, that I understand. The problem was that I got prompted with the message that the asset already existed in the project, but it is not visible in the asset manager and therefore I could not do anything about that.

I see that may be a bug. Blocs now prevents having two assets with the same name if they will be exported into the same folder, this stops assets overwriting each other on export.