Attach image files so they export

With blocs I can attach certain files in the project settings > project attachments. Is there any way to attach other files such as JPGs so that they export when the site is exported?

I think any image that you add as an asset would be exported in the image folder.


Thanks Casey, I’ll test that!

Unfortunately, images added through the image asset panel don’t get exported to the image folder. The image only gets exported if it is added to a page.

Which bings me back to my original problem/wish: adding images through the project settings / project attachments would be a nice thing to have :wink:

Could you explain why you would want every image exported to the img folder? On export, Blocs only exports the files used in the project. (yes all assets show up in the asset manager)

This method keeps your exported folder (which is uploaded to the server) with only the files that are needed.

All my projects are started with an image folder inside the main site folder. They contain all my images for the project. If you need them on the server it’s easy to just upload the image folder. This way it keeps unwanted files in the project export folder.


I don’t want to export every image asset to the img folder, but I would like to be able to add a single JPG, PNG, etc. … maybe in the same way you can add CSS or JS files in the project attachments.

An example of this would be JPG linked to a text link. (There is already a nice feature in Blocs for making a text link and then dragging a PDF or ZIP onto the page.)

If I want to do that with JPGs or PNGs, I have to do it outside of Blocs.