Auto Information Type Text Problem


Can anyone let me know what is wrong.
I have a contact form. I edited it to be black with a white border. Now when a visitor to the site types in, to send their message along with their details, it is perfect, and will be seen in white text on a black background.


When they use the auto-fill information on a Mac, you can’t see the text as it seems to be hidden, although it is there.

So basically, to clairify, the auto-fill adds the information on the contact form, but it cant be seen with the black background, although if just manually typed in, it is all perfect.

Can you help please

Can anyone help please? No replies? Am I the only one with this?


Could you please share the URL for your website? I will take a look.


Thanks for your help. Basically: how do you change the auto fill text - so I can change the colour of it. I’ve a black background and it is hidden and I can’t find anyway to change it.