Auto-populating Drop Down

I may be mistaken as I was very new to Blocs prior to V3. I had Blocs 2 for a few weeks and designed my site and have started from scratch again with a V3 website.

In V2, I thought that I found an option for a drop down menu to auto populate from another menu on the website. I am trying to build a holiday website and want to list the holidays available, which then takes them to the relevant page. However, this will change as I expand or discontinue my selection.

I would like this menu on the usual navigation area, on a call-to-action button half way down my home page and on the various forms that I have within my site. I was wondering if this could be auto-populated so that I only need to edit my navigation menu.

If I understand you correctly, as of what I know this is until now not possible, but you can create different forms, and then making them visible/ not visible depending on a button selection. The visibility option in Blocs can take multiple parameters.