Background image in header and footer too?

Hi guys, I have a background image set in the main block of my page. I now want to add a global header bloc, but I can’t figure out how to continue the background image upwards into the header. Effectively, I want the global header and the main bloc to share one continuous background image.

Does anyone know how I’d achieve this? Many thanks for any help.

Presumably you only want the header part of the image to appear on all of the pages? Not sure how you could do this but you could take the image and cut / crop it into 2 images in Photoshop - then when added to the header and the body in Blocs they would align and look like one. How this would work in practice I don’t know. Unless there is another way to mask the image in Blocs?

The solution I have made is to duplicate the logo and menu in the global area and then hide the header in page preferences. So I have one background image with menu and logo on top, only done for my home page.

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That’s probably how I’ll do it, thanks a lot to you both.

I’ll try the same; to have background image all the way upp and under the header. But I don’t understand how to do this what Paul ask to do: “hide the header in page preferences”.