Background Images Help!

I struggle with background images because, when I previewed the website, the background images disappeared. I uploaded those images from my computer again and replaced them with new ones, but they didn’t appear on the Website. All of them were blank. What should I do??

Have you clicked the visibility option in the side panel by chance?

Can you post some screen shots? Have you placed the background in containers without any content without adding padding by any chance? Are the images show in the asset manager?

@Malachiman- Im having this same issue. Been trying to resolve it for 2 hours. All my files are in the same folder called “Assets” and they just keep disappearing periodically. Its just the background images. They will appear until I readd another background image, and then the last one will disappear. I’m on a Mac and using Big Sur. I deleted, readded, renamed and reexported the images and JPGs and PNGs. I even tried it on my other Mac thats using an older OS. Here are screenshots
What it looks like in Blocs:


What is looks like on screen:

Hi All - just a conclusion to the issue (in case it can help someone else): I was able to resolve it by sending it to a colleague who has Blocs, who then removed and re-inserted the images. We also both downloaded the Beta version of Blocs. I’m not sure which of those two solutions fixed the issue - but it’s not happening anymore!