Background Not Showing


I have a bloc with just a background and no bric.

Screen Shot attached.

It’s not showing. When I preview in Blocs it shows, but not when I upload.

I also added a Button on a top row and it’s supposed to be rounded and orange. As you’ll see it’s not showing right either.

website is

Your help is greatly appreciated.

I’m not at a computer right now but will take a look when I get a chance. Just to confirm, you have cleared cache and all assets are live on server.

When you run locally does the image display correctly?

This is what I get:

Thank you so much Teefers and Norm

Weird, the background shows on Chrome but not on Safari.

I’m not going to push the Safari issue right now. I’m just happy it’s showing.

Thanks again!!!


It shows on Safari for me as well. Try what Norm said, clear your cache in Safari.

I’ve cleared a few times. I’m not going to push this anymore since it’s my computer and you can see the work.


Thank you again I’ll reboot and do a few more things to my Macbook Pro to see if I can get it to show in my Safari

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