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What am I doing wrong - maybe mentally?
From 1,000 pixels on everything is good, which concerns the background, mean my portrait.
But starting from an iPhone4, for example, it does not work anymore. The background will be muddy.

A request, I ask from Germany …
so, if someone so kind to answer, please with much leniency, so I get it in English.

Thank you so much!

Or asked otherwise …
What can I do to make the background as a portrait
for lower resolutions, not so impossible to blur.

Thanks a lot!

I think what is happening is that as the screen gets smaller, the face moves to the left and you are left looking at the background. I don’t see any blur.

The only solution is to have two hero blocs. One for desktop/tablet and one for mobile only. Then change the background image used on the mobile version to one that works well at that size (basically, duplicate and crop the current one).

Thomas - I suppose you know that you can test these things by changing the browser width?


Thank you for your answer.

Actually, I would have tried exactly as described by you. But with me the browser recognized the Classes settings for Desktop and Phone not correctly after the upload … neither on the iPhone nor in Safari. I had always only the choice between a Classes selection which could be displayed - means, the view was not changed automatically.

But I think the error lies entirely with me.
So thank you again for your lines and I will, when the time permits, look for it in my mind.

Dear Paul,
now I took the time to try it again …
but when I try to make 2 Hero-Sides, I destroy the page for the desktop view.

So … would you be so nice and explain the way,
how I create 2 hero-blocs, without having to re-create the entire page ?!

I know the program needs to discover everyone for themselves …
But I just do not understand my thought mistake …
How I do for the mobile-view the settings so that it looks as close as the desktop/tablet version,
without destroying the other view.
Means: one parallax background (my portrait) until the photo gallery starts …

Thank you very much for your effort.


I usually adds the background image from a class instead.
And change the background to a smaller image for mobile view.

Thanks for your kind help …
But if I make this so, I get this result.

I know the error can only lie with me?
By the way, does Parallax actually work in a mobile view?

To have separate hero blocs, use the visibility setting in the panel on the right. Select the hero bloc, set the visibility. I have attached the visibility setting for a bloc to appear in mobile view only.

I cannot get this to work. It works in the blocsapp environment, but testing in preview on my desktop, I only get the desktop image.

I haven’t tried a mobile device so maybe the media query only works on actual hardware?

If this genuinely works, it is the better approach.

I’ve noticed that you can’t shrink Safari enough to get to the mobile break point on the computer.
But in Firefox and Chrome it works.

Err… not for me!

Thanks for the help again …

I think I’ll put myself back at the website when I have time
because it’s just annoying to not get this right.

A pleasant weekend desired
and thanks again for the tips.

Thanks @Jakerlund … it works!

Not with the parallax-effekt in the mobile view, but it works.
A few other changes now … and then uploaded again.