Backup software?

I use a Time Capsule. Time machine is priceless.
I was looking at backup/sync apps last night and I was aiming towards
Chronosync, Syncmate or Goodsync.
Any recommendations anyone?

I use Backblaze. Been good for me as it also lets me backup my external drive. Every year I move the last years documents and pictures off my main computer to the external drive. I feel now I’ve got my laptop backed up, and the external drive in the cloud.

I also have a 2.5 in platter drive that I put in a housing, it came out of my MacBook Pro. I upgraded to a SSD drive and I use it to clone my MacBook Pro. I try to clone it once a month so if I do have my SSD fail I can reinstall the OS.

I think it would be very important to also add the cloud backup to your backup strategy. I had a USB drive fail and my sister had her time capsule fail.

I’ve also started a new system each time I export a Blocs project. I used to just over right the same folder. I now name each export by month, date and year format. I did have a export go bad, (my fault) used java in a iframe. Not good. That cloud bloc file sure came in handy.


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That’s a new one for me, I’ll have a look.
Thanks, Andy