Basic Question - Saving Blocs Files

Good morning everyone:

I seem to have gotten myself confused about saving Blocs website.
I have a completely new version of my website (first new one I have created since the original) and I don’t want to save it over my current version.
So I created a new folder for the site, set the site preference to save to that folder, and I get a single file?
In my current “save” folder I can see all of the pages etc…which I can FTP to my host.
I can’t do anything with this single Blocs project file?
I want to save the files so I can see them all.

You ever get yourself so totally confused whilst doing this stuff that you just can’t seem to get back to where you started?
That is where I am…I looked at Blocs academy and some other sources, but can’t seem to get this straight in my head. Probably not documented anywhere because it is so simple…

A little direction would be extremely helpful…how do I save a site so I can see all of the files?

Thanks everyone.

Rich the (Confused) Weather Guy

It can be confusing for sure. I’ve done the same with a few of my sites. What I do (and there might be a better way) is to copy the whole folder in finder and then paste it on my desktop. I then rename the pasted folder and move it back to where I store all my website folders. This way all the old content is there but it is in a new folder. I can add or delete pages, and assets as needed. I really prefer to start from scratch but sometimes its faster to start with pages and assets from older versions.

Hope this helps,

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Is that the same folder that you open your site in the Blocs opening screen, and then work from?


No, I choose open from the menu at the bottom and open the version from the new folder I renamed. You then will have two versions in recent opened sites. After I see everything is ok I move the older folder to a achived folder. That way if they are both in different locations are you can see what project you are opening t.


Sounds like you are confusing save and export?

But if you save it as an open group of files…you can see all of the pages, index, etc, how do you use “open” in Blocs?
I can’t “open” a group of files?
Clearly I am missing something here with all of the Blocs save options.
There is “Save”, then under export there is Quick Export, Export Project, Export as (with options), and Export a package.

What is the difference between “save” and “export.”

I may be…please help…

Save - saves the project file. This is not the file you upload to your host.

Export creates all the html, css, javascript files you need to upload to your host.

Generate package creates a copy of the project file that includes all the linked assets so you can share or relocate the project file and everything still will load correctly in Blocs. This is not for uploading to your host.

You can’t open this in Blocs. These files are for uploading to your host. You have to open the Blocs project file with Blocs. You didn’t save you exported.

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Still confused…apologies…

Please give me the correct order so I end up with the group of files to upload.

Save, then export?

I think it’s best to start by not interchanging the terms save and export.

Save is used to save the current state of your blocs project. When you’re ready to upload your project then export it.

In project settings I set the export location to a folder that doesn’t contain the project file. You don’t need to upload that one.

Export is not saving your project in a way you can edit it later in Blocs.


Create your website project in blocs.

SAVE it under whatever name you choose and in any location on your disk drive. I usually save files with the name of the website.

Finally EXPORT the project to create the files needed for uploading to your web server. Create any name you like for the exported files and place the exported files anywhere on your disk drive. As a matter of convenience, I name my exports with the name of the website appended with the word “website” E.G. websitename-website and I save to the desktop. This creates a folder on the desktop with your chosen name. Within that folder are all the files that you need to FTP to your server.

When you want to EDIT the website, you open the PROJECT FILE in blocs and make any changes you need. If you choose to Save the changes, your original project file will be overwritten. If you choose SAVE AS, you will be able to save a new version of the project file with a different name. This gives you the ability to edit either version in the future. Once your website has been edited and saved, you can EXPORT the edited site under any name of your choosing, or you can save to the original website name and location - your choice.

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Thank you for spelling this out.
I have (finally) grasped how to accomplish this seemingly simple action.

Pete: Yes, I was confusing “save” and “Export.”

A note to all:

One extra piece of info:
In the “settings” drop down for your site, there is a place to identify the path of your export.
You need to do that, and then “save” your project.


Thank you again everyone…I appreciate the patience and help!

Rich the (less confused) Weather Guy

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Does anyone know if there is a way to delete the files on the Blocs opening screen?

Going to file > open recent > clear menu should do it. This is handled by the OS.

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Thank you Flash.
However, I did not want to clear them all out.
I guess it is all or nothing.

Rich the Weather Guy

It’s controlled by the OS, so Blocs has no real involvement here.

Got cha…thanks