Basic Questions

Hi there. I have not yet pulled the trigger on buying Blocs, I have a couple of basic questions first before I commit.

  1. My plan is to develop a website that reads and writes to google sheets, and the site would basically be an information system for schools. So most pages would be full of text fields that may or may not be editable based on what the user is doing. Will Blocs work for this purpose?
  2. I have two computers, mainly. One at home and one at work. I use them both. Do I have to buy Blocs twice?
  3. When I build a website with Blocs, can I test it locally on my computer and then upload it somewhere like Firebase or WordPress?
  4. Is there a subreddit for Blocs, or is this the only community? If so, how active is it generally speaking?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, welcome to the forum

I’ll keep your numbering to keep things clear:

  1. Could you provide some more info on how you are looking to implement this?
  2. No, you can use Blocs on 2 computers with one license
  3. Blocs has a built-in webserver allowing you to test the website from within Blocs at any given point in the design process
  4. This is the main community. We’ve got some veritable heavy-weights of Blocs in here. To my experience, replies come rather quickly and thoroughly. Even Norm, the lead developer of Blocs is very active and reachable here. So basically, we’re here to help :wink:
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Thanks for the quick reply! I don’t really know how I am going to implement it. But consider the following graphic:

In this scenario, data in the various fields would be loaded from a google sheet using their API, and then if the user chooses to edit the page it is written back to the sheet, again via the API.

Great news on all counts. Once I verify that Blocs can build a web page similar to what I just posted a mock-up of, I’ll go ahead and make the purchase!