Basic responsive design


I am developing my first website with blocs and I am lost with the responsive design. I understand breakpoints and custom classes but I am not sure how this can do what I want to do. See screenshots of what I would like to see on my computer (left) and how I want the same page to look like on a tablet (right):

Basically, I have two columns, and would like to have them side by side on the computer but on top of each other on the tablet. Right now, they remain side by side on the tablet (the screenshot I show is from a second page I created). I don’t think it should be too complicated but what is the trick to make it happen? I tried to apply a .table-responsive class to the container (after looking on bootstrap help) but it does not seem to help.

Many thanks


Hello Guillaume,

Check out this video to understand how responsive columns work.


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Many thanks Eldar, very useful.