Best approach for black background?

I’m just in the learning phase but was going nuts trying to figure out how to simply install a brick! Following some great tuts but it wasn’t working for me.

Finally I discovered it is my background. I need a black background for my site and had to manually changed every Block one at a time to black (I don’t see how to have that as a default choice) answer?
But, with a black workspace, most of the blocks and bricks place holders become invisible and incredibly hard to work with.

What is the best approach to design a black site with light text without re-editing every brick and block back to black before publishing?

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Good question is there a default for this?

Just bring up the swatches panel and set the colors like shown below. It will produce a black background and text will be white by default. You can use any colors. You can also then go in to project settings and adjust default text fonts, size and colors for the different classes. (H1, H2, paragraph)



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Thanks Casey
hmmm, that certainly reversed the 2. colors but only one block at a time. I had to go back into every block and put it back to black. Maybe I don’t know something here. Also the little rectangle on your example has black and white both, while mine is either black or white

The main problem is with my goal of having a dark background with white text, if I change the backgnd to black with each block, I can’t see the “blocks” or (as they are dark by default), and it I change the backgnd to white, I see the blocks but now no text ('cause my text is white!)
Seems I can’t change the interface/ place holder colors to something that works on a dark background so I’m stuck.

OK, more thanks to Casey!
I played around a lot more and indeed now when I add a brand new block, it’s already black and the text is white!
And though faint, the place holders are visible too. That should work!
It would have been easier to understand if those first 2 color swatches were labeled foreground & background but I get it now.
cheers B