Best way to define custom CSS

Hi! This might be a (too) basic question, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to add some custom CSS.

I’ve applied a custom class to a bloc, but I’d like to format it a way I can’t find in the GUI, so I tried applying this in the header for the page (and that works):

.bg-blur { backdrop-filter: blur(18px);
-webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(18px); } 

… But where’s the best place/what’s the best way to include this? (As I don’t want to apply it manually to all pages, I think.)
Should I make a CSS file and include in the project, or is there a different/better way? :nerd_face:

Hi @flips,

There is a section in your Code Editor where you can add custom CSS and it will be included in the main stylesheet.


Excellent! :smiley: Thanks!

Thanks for sharing