Beta 3.5.5 email not working :)

Hi everyone, so this is not a statement but i do want to ask if anyone noticed
That the email forms are not going through in the 3.5.5 beta
I’m using gsuite and up until this V everything was working great

Has anyone experienced or can test on their end to let me know if it works for them

Thanks and stay safe everyone :slight_smile:

Just to double check try exporting with an older version of Blocs (3.5.4) (all available here) and see if the form works then.

It may not be related to 3.5.5 and may be a set up issue.

Did it and it’s now working but I think is V 3.5.3
That is working.

And as far as the set up I have not changed anything it’s exactly the same did not touch anything on the form or email forwarding everything is exactly the same except for the version

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The newer version when you exported did you copy the entire site to the server after export or just the contact page.

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I did the entire site but just to be sure i did it again and now the
3.5.5 is sending so its working after the second upload :clap: so i guess like you said that I didn’t do it right the first Time

Thanks for your time Norm and keep up the amazing work you and your team are doing
Health and prosperity to you and your family :wine_glass: