Better Bloc vs Bric selection in UI at borders of Blocs

I might be missing some trick, but this is driving me sort of nuts, considering I have a LOT of pages in a site rework I’m doing with Blocs.

It’s pretty hit and miss when trying to add a bric at the border of two blocs, as in:
Bloc 1 - brics:

  • header
  • para
  • gallery
  • header
  • para
    Bloc 2 (let’s just assume it’s lower global bloc)

Go to try to add a backquote or an image bric at the last para. Yes, sometimes you can click ‘just right in the right timing’ to get the bric instead of bloc insert action, but beyond fiddly to the point of I try to remember to never bother trying to do that, and instead always inject and then move it down via page inspector (which has some of it’s own oddness - does not always display the line for actual injection point).

Its often easier to use the insert bric option. These appear when you click on an element (bric) on the page. Just click on the bric icon and select the bric you want to insert from the pop-up selector.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do - it’s fine when the bric selected is in the middle of other brics in a bloc, but not when it’s at a bloc border, as the ‘add bloc’ big + wants to overlay as well. Note the bottom - bloc add, not bric which is what I want/need/was describing the annoyance of… :slight_smile:


Just bump the bloc padding up add the Bric and then return the Bloc padding to its original setting.

This is a temp work around…

In the next major version of Blocs, you can toggle all canvas controls off and on for scenarios like this.


That’s what I do - set the bloc padding to say 100, add the brics and then reduce the padding after the additions have been made. Not too difficult as a workaround.