Better way to display text in page view

There are times when you find your text impossible to see in page view. Consider this example Blocs document: (67.0 KB)

Open it and you won’t see any text because the color of the text is the same gray as that gray paper background. But when you preview, it looks perfect. Note there is a Class named “blk-dkgry” that is assigned to that Bloc. Click on Page Settings (upper right corner of your Blocs window) and then click the “Add Code” button, to see the code tied to that Class (which applies a dark gradient and combines with the paper texture for a nice look).

So my “wish” here is for colors which are assigned by Classes and Add Code to be visible in Page View, not just Preview. In other word, we need code execution in Page View. That way I can see my text in Page View to edit it better. It’s very fiddly and messy to edit text when you cannot see it clearly. Plus, since the Class (and associated code) is ignored in Page View, it looses the WYSIWYG feel too, which is a bit unsettling.


James W.

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