Bigger bug than Blocs 2 - Safari right margin

There was a well known bug on Safari in B2, when you scroll left you get a white margin all across the site.
In Blocs 3 this is worst. Any chance to solve it in this version @Norm ?


Hmmm… I tried it in a fresh file both in the header area and in main content area & then previewed in Safari 12.0.1 MacOS 10.12.6 & couldn’t see any problem when I tried scrolling.
Maybe there’s a bug in OS/Safari, not sure.


When you add many Blocs and Brics and start editing you will notice and could not detect where the bug comes from. In Blocs 3 the margin is a lot bigger.

This sites were made on blocs 2, be sure to open with safari: (remember to slide / scroll left)

This were made with blocs too and they didn’t have that issue:

Yeah, the ones that I’m seeing it on is due to the scroll bar width being exposed on hor. scroll. Not sure if there’s a way to overcome this, as might be a browser override, but a good question to ask @Norm about.


Oh, I’ve just spent an hour trying to overcome this… and tested what im doing in chrome and it doesn’t have it!

thought it was like a similar issue in freeway where boxes would overhand the full page width!

id love to know an answer to this… as i can’t seem to get it right can’t even bodge it currently

Even in app preview shows the sideways scroll but only in the LG breakpoint

I’ll take a look!


@Norm, I found the bug. Maybe it helps: when I place a row with a carousel or any brick and set the full width feature (or even using the custom edge to edge carousel bloc), it sets that margin on the right. Hope you can find a solution. I think this version is a masterpiece.