Bloc app closes

Hello everyone, my app is updated 2.4.4, but now it closes at 2 min to start using it?

Where could I download the previous version to avoid that problem.


^ Which links to here:

Odd, nothing has changed in the app that would cause that.

2 minutes is so random??

Anyone else having this problem??

No issues at all on MacBook Pro and Imac running High Sierra.

No issues on iMac running El Capitan. Been working all evening with 2.4.4 and no issues so far.

No issue, been up for several hours 2.4.4 Sierra(10.12.6).

I have been doing several tests, it only closes when I want to add a primary menu, and a second menu for a drop-down menu, when I want to save it only closes! I do not know what it could be.

I have returned to version 2.4.3, I have no problem at the moment!

I use the ox Sierra system

That’s interesting I’ll check that today. What do you mean my adding a primary menu? Adding menu items to the primary and then trying to save?

Yes, first I add the primary menu, the main one. All right up to that part and I save.

Then I add the second menu that will be the drop-down menu, I keep everything right there.

When linking the two menus so that a certain tab unfolds the menu, it closes.

So the app just closes as soon as you add the second submenu to one of the primary menu items?

that sounds more like a crash.

After you Ad the second menu does it instantly close or do you need to save first?

the application closes when you want to link the second menu to the tab of the first menu.

It closes at that moment.

thats a crash, do you get it with a newly created project?

if it was a newly created project, from scratch.

Later I will try to do the same menu again, to see if it has nothing to do with the team.