Bloc background colour opacity request

@Norm I was trying to add a page image background with some code and noticed that Bloc backgrounds don’t have a “none” or colour opacity setting to allow the page BG image to be visible. Can I make a request to add an opacity setting so that colour BG’s can be made transparent.

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Hi @webdeersign

You could set a bg image instead of a color and then give the block a class and sett the color there.

If it’s something like this you are looking for.


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Thanks. The reason for having a transparent BG in a Bloc is to allow the image used for the body to show through, so aa additional setting to easily adjust the opacity of bloc bg’s would be best in the colour picker. I think having to add a class would be beyond many users.

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Yes, agreed an opacity slider would be most appropriate. Thanks, hope it’s on the Road map of features.