Bloc background transparency not working

hi guys,

it seems the “no color” option form the swatches is not working for complete blocs. everytime i choose it it just stays white :confused: (the swatch says #ffffff).

i know there is another thread already, but pixelarte was talking about the navigation, so i dont know if it’s the same problem

cheers and thx!

Hey @squareclouds Blocs doesn’t allow transparent backgrounds on actual Blocs. If you want an empty Bloc background you need to control the background colour via a custom class. But the results are pointless as Blocs doesn’t offer control for the body tag, this means the background would still remain white even if the bloc has no background colour.

thanks @Norm. what i was trying to do was:

  1. gradient color for body
  2. header and footer transparent (and maybe couple of blocs)

i havent used blocs in a few days and im trying to replicate what i did that day. im pretty sure i had a red body somehow O_o as you say, it seems i may have done a couple of weird things, because it doenst have the option to begin with. if i somehow manage to do it again i will update my post