Bloc disappears from the left panel in the program interface (although it’s still in layout)


First of all, thanks for the great app, Norm! Didn’t work with it last year, sat back down yesterday and had no problem getting back into it. Awesome!

My problem: I have a carousel in a bloc, duplicate the carousel twice to set it up for different viewports. As soon as I finish the last carousel (for the XS format), the whole bloc has disappeared from the bloc overview (the left panel in the program interface – see picture before/after).

It is still in the layout but it’s disappeared from the bloc overview (the left panel in the program interface).

Have the problem in blocs 3 and also in blocs 4.

Does anyone have an idea? Is the file corrupted? Or is there a way to make the bloc with the three carousels visible again in the blocs overview on the left side of the program interface? - Maybe I made some stupid mistake. …

Best regards and thanks!

It may be an issue in the actual project, feel free to send me a copy to take a look at.

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Hi Norm,

thank you for your kind feedback!
I would love to do that.
Where should I send/upload it to?

Kind regards!

Hi @indianink, Just follow: File ----> Export —> Generate Package, Zip the file and upload to Wetransfer or Dropbox and send the link to @Norm via the Bug report form here:

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On its way. :+1: