Bloc divider colour change Not divider bric

Hi all

When adding a bloc it has the option to add a centre or full divider, how do you change the colour. Its not the bric divider because the subclass for dividers only changes the colour for the bric divider

any thoughts


Hi @steviemc
do you mean that divider option ?

You can select the bloc and create a class for example divider-color
then change the color. see screenshot …
hope that helps


Hi @DanielF
thanks for you help. I think the two options don’t work. It works with the divider bric but not if you choose the divider option inside the bloc … don’t know why :thinking:

Could you use the divider bric?

You can even place it in it’s own Bloc, with no other elements in this bloc, and with padding set to none, then, create a custom class for that bloc to add any top or bottom padding to fit your needs, and of course change the color of the divider. You can then do this multiple times to have different color dividers as needed.

Not sure how you want to use the divider, but if you mean to use it as a color separation between blocs, you could also add a Custom Class to any bloc, then in the Class Editor, use the BORDER setting to set a line with any color and any thickness for the top or bottom of the bloc, this achieves a full width divider, too, just be sure to enter 0 in the left and right side borders, if that’s the look you’re going for.