Bloc on top of image carousel?

Is that red bloc with text “Sold” possible without having to edit the picture manually?
I’m using an image carousel btw.


I didn’t try it myself, but I think you can add a text bric, edit it using custom class to look similar to that, and also adjust its location by using the negative margins.


You could use the standard carousel and the caption feature.
Adding an image instead of text, and use an svg image and give it a class and adjust the size.

Oh, I missed the part that it was image carousel. That makes it much simpler.

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@Jakerlund @Eldar Thanks a lot!

I have a question too. I want to put over the images of carousel a logo. I cannot put an icon (picture) so I tried to put an svg logo (as a code) but even if I had made a class to make it go up and left, it doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestions?

I solved it!!! I have made an image button instead!
Unfortunately we cannot put an SVG logo so it’s not that sharp :frowning: