Bloc padding bug?

When I set padding to “none” a little bit bottom pixel padding still remain. It’s a bug?

See attached screenshot

Do you get this only if the blocs are empty or also, if you place a bric in them?

Empty or with a bric inside nothing change

Blocs 2 had this issue with 16px added to bottom of bloc. In Blocs 3 its not as bad. Try adding custom classes with 10px top and bottom only then they should merge together. The only time that you may not want any padding is with images so when the bloc has zero padding you don’t have the excess padding at the bottom. When I was using Blocs 2 this done it sucessfuly But in Blocs 3 It is showing @Norm might have a solution or it might just be a bootstrap thing. Ive noticed a few websites from Apple and Mcdonalds seem to have the forced space between them?

Actually I’m seeing it here for the first time and just trying to work out what is going on.

It turns out there is a super simple solution to this when images are present. It’s caused by the images being centred, which is generally a good thing, however Bootstrap 4 makes them display:block for centre. Setting the alignment to left fixes it and removes the padding.

Alternatively you can place the image inside a Div and then drag it to close the gap with the bloc below via a freehand custom class. If you try to do it without the Div the padding is retained from the test I just tried.

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Still something wrong though with padding appearing below empty blocs.

Just tried it on Blocs 3.03 and it appears that its just the first image that needs to aligned left and the padding is gone (weird)


I have the same Problem. For example with a divider brick … all the structures have the the background class …inside blocs everything looks good. But in the preview and browser I got that white line. The same with a picture … the idea to set the picture to the left is okay, but on big screens a problem … and on a windows pc I have that lines between all blocs !! Not seen on a Mac … what I am doin wrong. In blocs 2 I don’t have that problems … @Norm
see images …



Hi All - loving the new feel of v3, but i’ve also got the same issue with padding below header. I can’t get rid. No matter what i try. Very irritating - any ideas on a workaround?

Norm may have missed this so it would be worth someone reporting via the bug reporting system -

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Its on my todo, Im going to try and get a fixed pushed today, just narrowing down the cause.

But as @webdeersign points out, log bugs directly to me not in the forum.

@Norm gotcha - yep wasn’t sure if it was a bug at point of posting but all good - I will look out for the push. cheers!

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This is fixed up and ready for 3.0.5


This is fixed are ready for v3.0.5

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thanks … but I think there are more padding problems. With the Pulse Problem you wrote that is no stuff for the forum. How can I do a Bug Report or something like this ? I have found a few ( I think ) bugs …

thank for your help and the fast updates

Tom, use this link and don’t forget to attach your project and your project images just in case.

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Hi Norm,

i have the same problem with v.3.0.5 :frowning_face:

Any advice for me? Use this and make sure to attach your project.

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Hello …
Jep …the same problem. What I am doing wrong ? :thinking:
Anyone a solution ? On a Windows Computer and the explorer I got space between each block …