Bloc within Bloc

Sorry for my lack of knowledge here regarding blocs, I have been in hospital for a while and everything has changed since i used it last, anyway enough of that, I am wondering if it is possible to add a bloc within a bloc, i am trying to keep the site i am building all inline with each page title, i would like to possibly add the same style title on each page but i cannot do it with the bloc i want because it has three separate brics ? any ideas on how to achieve this please.

sorry like this one

Chris, Just start with a single width block to contain just the heading. Then add your three column bloc immediately below it. Alternatively, depending on how you want your page to look, you could just add the single column bloc with it’s full width heading. Under the heading bric, you could add a 3 column bric. The difference will be that your 3 column bric will remain within the bounds of the single column bloc. Whereas, a three column bloc spans the full width of a browser window. The two options are illustrated below:

@hendon52 cheers mate, i would love to have the first option, but i am building a one page scrolling website and i have had difficulty in the past linking to the bloc, so this would only link to the single block with the heading, the other problem i have is i need to have 12 separate columns for artists that would be appearing at the festivals ideally it would be the first image but with 4 columns of three, but i fear this is impossible to do, unless it is possible to somehow make the link to bloc work.



anybody know how i can make a custom bloc that has three columns and 4 rows ?

cheers in advance !!

Chris, start with a single bloc, add four divs and in every div add a 3 column row.
So there is everything in one single bloc

@Carl cheers mate,I will give that a bash in the morning,and will let you know the outcome.