Block-ID for OctoberCMS

Hi there,

Testing Blocs with use of OctoberCMS.
At the point of buying Blocs but it seems that the Block-ID option is gone?
Can’t find it in the Blocs panel as shown in the video.
For me this is vital for use with CMS.

My trail is ended … just 5 days is a bit short for testing together wit a CMS.
Is this really gone in Blocs or my mistake and otherwise back in the 2.3 version…


A quick test for me and it’s all working fine, you need to make sure you have the October CMS block selected, not its content. So select the content nested in the October CMS block and then use the breadcrumb navigation to select the parent or alternatively, right click > Select Parent > October CMS Block.

Thanks Norm,

Before I can check this I wil first but the Blocsapp.


Hi Norm,

Oké, thanks. Works fine now.
Going further to test Blocsapp & OctoberCMS.