Blocs 2.3 Bug

@norm I’m working on a new project and I decided to use the stable version 2.3. I added a icon and when I went to change the icon the icon window came up and there is no icons? I closed and restarted Blocs, still does not work. I tried to put in a bug report but it was grayed out also? You can see in the snapshot I have the icon selected and no icons, also support not showing.


The icon sets have been updated for use with Blocs 2.4, this makes them non backwards compatible.

Go to this location Library/Application Support/Blocs 2/icons/

You will see 5 icon directories within it.

• Create a new directory on your desktop and move these icon directories to it.

• Now download this, unzip it and place the icon sets here Library/Application Support/Blocs 2/icons/

You just replaced the new icons sets with the old ones. Unfortunately whenever you use the beta from now on you will need to swop the icon sets over again, so keep both copies.

PS support link is blocked because the old icon manager opens the sets up within a modal.

Great! So running beta and 2.3 is causing problems…not good! Not sure what I should use! Never thought a beta version would change a solid version. I need a break…


its just because the icon sets need to be upgrade to the new file format in Blocs 2.4. Its a rare change that means its not backwards compatible.

I know @norm I’m just a little frustrated. I’m ok now👍 I know your working hard to make Blocs great!


I came up with a more solid workaround so you can use both the public and beta without the need to swop the icon sets around.

Read this.